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Crosspointe Financial Group / Securities America Inc.

Crosspointe Financial Group is a Boutique Financial Service company specializing in financial and investment strategies designed to produce positive results for our clients over time. We seek to understand our clients by patiently listening to each client’s needs, objectives and goals. We then will tailor our recommendations in hopes that they will help create a better life for our clients and their family.

What you can expect from a Crosspointe Financial Group Representatives?

1.)  We strive to always put your needs 1st; this is our #1 GOAL!

2.) Actively listen and respond when you contact us.

3.) Be upfront and honest in our dealings with you.

4.) We will treat you with respect, professionalism, and maintain a non-judgmental attitude toward the goals and information you present to us.

5.)  Time… Before investing any of your hard earned dollars with us we will take all the time you need to educate you on the investments recommended, Illustrate to you why and how we feel it will work on your behalf and in  harmony with your goals  and discuss any cost involved.

We work with people who are serious about their financial future and looking for progress. Because we are serious about what we do! It doesn’t matter where you are in your financial life. If you are that person feel free to contact us. 601-714-1876

Carl E. Snell Sr.

Investment Advisor

Securities offered through Securities America Inc, Member FINRA/SIPC Securities America and Crosspointe Financial Group are not affiliated.